Katherine Jackson's business partner HOWARD MANN has criticised the administrators of Michael Jackson's estate after they filed suit over allegations he is cashing in on the late superstar's image without proper permission.
Estate bosses are suing Mann, claiming he has made millions from Jackson's music, photos and drawings illegally.
According to court papers, they believe Mann hauled in more than $1.5 million (£1 million) from Katherine Jackson's coffee table book, Never Can Say Goodbye, in its first two days on sale - and they want to recoup all the revenues, as well as damages.
Mann is furious the lawyers behind the estate are chasing him to garner more profits, and has labelled them a "fraudulently obtained dictatorship" in a rant to TMZ.com.
He adds, "These lawyers have absolutely no interest in the preservation of Michael Jackson's legacy and less interest in generating revenues for his beneficiaries.
"The Estate will fall as a result of these draconian tactics and it is my hope that Miss Jackson regains control of that which was stolen from her."
Jackson's estate is managed by executors John Branca and John MCClain.