The Jackson family saga is showing no sign of abating, with last week's claims, by Katherine Jackson (Michael Jackson's mother - the family matriarch) that she was 'duped' into going to Arizona, leaving Michael's children in the care of her family members. Tmz reported that Katherine has suggested that not only was she tricked into going to Arizona, but that she was prevented from communicating with Jacko's kids whilst she was there, leaving her unaware of the drama that was unfolding in her absence.
Now, Tmz have reported that Katherine will not be pressing charges over the alleged incidence. Mrs Jackson's attorney, Perry Sanders, told Tmz that she has "absolutely" no plans to press charges over the incident. "This chapter of chaos is closed and we are supportive of family unity in spite of recent events and arguably poor decisions." Family unity, however, is one thing that the Jacksons really seem to be struggling with right now. It appears that the feuding and confusion was sparked by concerns over the legitimacy of Michael Jackson's will; Janet Jackson and some of her siblings have appealed to his lawyers to resign, claiming that they forged Michael's signature on his will.
The truth of course, may never come out. If Katherine's claims are true and she really was duped into going to Arizona, then 'family unity' may take some length of time to reach the Jackson family.