Katherine Jackson may have turned up safe and well, but the current turbulence surrounding the Jackson family looks far from over, with arguments about the decision by the late Michael Jackson to give the custody of his children not to his mother, but instead to his close friend Diana Ross. With Katherine herself also widely reported to be furious at her son Randy's scheme to sack the current managers of his brother's estate, it's looking like a messy old time indeed for the musical family.
As for Diana Ross, she's made her feelings quite clear on the matter; in a terse statement delivered to The Associated Press she said "all interests are best served if it remains private." Which offers no inclination as to whether Ross will be accepting the custody of the children - a quote to the Daily Beast from a source, however, does: "Diana has no intention of taking those kids," said the source. "She has her own life on the East Coast and wouldn't want to uproot them to come live there. That wouldn't be fair to anyone, particularly those kids."
So what does that mean for Katherine? Last week TMZ reported that she was willing to share the custody of Michael's three children, Paris, Prince and Blanket. With her grandson TJ, and with Ross apparently not interested that may be the way to go. As for the rest of the turmoil engulfing the family, well, the way out of it seems as clear as mud at the moment.