A tumultuous time for Katherine Jackson and the rest of the Jackson family could finally be coming to a close after the matriarch of the musical clan was reinstated as the legal guardian of Michael Jackson's children Paris, Prince and Blanket. Jackson will share custody with Michael's nephew and her grandson TJ, which had been starting to look like the outcome earlier in the week when the proposed guardian from Michael's will, Diana Ross, backed out of any involvement.
The Bbc reports that TJ was made temporary guardian last week when Katherine was reported missing, but she turned up alive and well after a spa trip to Arizona. In a statement, she said "I am, and have been, very close with my grandson TJ and have relied on him to help me raise Prince, Paris and Blanket since the death of their father." Continuing she added "While I was away, I assumed that (the children) would be secure and safe in the hands of the person who had essentially been acting as an informal co-guardian on many matters with me since my appointment as guardian."
All smiles, then. Except in a statement reported by Tmz, the elder stateswoman of the family suggested that she was tricked into going away and blocked from speaking to the children. The documents claim that Katherine believed she was going via road to watch her sons perform a concert in New Mexico, but on July 14th an unnamed doctor turned up and told her to take the plane instead - which delivered her to Arizona and not New Mexico. She apparently did not know there was a missing persons notice out for her, and had communication devices taken away from her on arrival. This one looks set to run further.