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I believe the I Hate Balls video and website are deeply offensive to men. The video hardly mentions pets, but certainly emphasizes castrating men. I cannot believe that any man who has lost one or both of his testicles to prostate or testicular cancer would find this anything but totally despicable. No doubt there are many who think this is hilarious, particularly women, who for reasons Ii do not get love to make men feel uncomfortable about their bodies. Yet I also know there are women and men who find this extremely distasteful, in which case, the cause for neutering will not benefit.

Posted 3 years 12 months ago by pfb

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Heigl's program is laudable, but statistically it will not be very effective. Over 1,000,000 pets are on the loose each year, about 50% dogs and 50% cats. Cats are in great numbers because just a few cats can multiple to large numbers very quickly. But for dogs it's different. Dog breeds came into being when over 90% of America and Europe lived in rural areas. Now population sites have reversed. That is, dogs were never meant to be so pent up. They are descendants of wolves, as you probably well know. Most breeds worked or hunted outside. Even most cute lap dogs were actually hunters of smaller animals around the farm (rats, mice). Today, as you might guess, huge chains of nationwide pet stores market these outdoor creatures to our suburban homebody nation. The result is that sooner or later, dogs will bolt when pent up all day, no matter what the pet store guys say. Neutering is way too expensive to save 500,000 dogs per year. You have to go after the misrepresentations being foisted at the cash register, and at the farm size kennels that breed them. That is to say, don't buy a dog that is inappropriate for your living space, and for the amount of free time you can share with the dog. Thanks

Posted 3 years 12 months ago by R.Howard

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The "I hate balls" campaign is to try to promote neutering of pets! It has nothing to do with people. Something that the title does not include.

Posted 3 years 12 months ago by mt100

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Double standard here. They would never get away with an I hate ovaries campaign. Heigl's remarks are too vulgar to be made in public. No class at all. BTW, Kate, you wouldn't be here if there were no testicles. And did you hate your brother's testicles?

Posted 3 years 12 months ago by Robert Kildare

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