Actress Katherine Heigl is keen to adopt again, despite revealing she struggled with bonding issues when she first brought her daughter home.
The Knocked Up star and husband Josh Kelley became parents to little Naleigh three years ago and now the 33 year old feels ready to go through the adoption process again.
She insists she will now be more prepared for the emotional upheaval that comes with taking in someone else's biological child.
She tells Scholastic Parent & Child magazine, "She felt really comfortable with Josh and they bonded quickly. It was harder for me. It was a struggle for me because all I wanted to do was bond with her. But it takes time for a child to trust this new situation and to trust you.
"He’ll (Kelley) get on the floor and roll around and make her laugh. That wasn’t really me. So I felt like, 'Oh gosh, I’m not the kind of parent she prefers."
However, Heigl discovered that she does have a very special bond with her daughter: "I realised I’m the cuddler. I’m the one she comes to if she’s hurt. And I have a ritual for putting her to bed. She has one blankie that goes over her, one that goes by her face, and one that she holds. It’s our little thing."