Will Kate Winslet change her name to Mrs Kate Rocknroll? It’s unlikely, of course, given that she’s established a perfectly respectable, award-winning career in Hollywood, with the name that she already has. And she didn’t stop using Winslet the last two times that she got married. Still, it’s a possibility, now that she’s walked up the aisle for the third time, with her new husband Ned RocknRoll.

Ned wasn’t always named thus, of course. He changed his name when he decided that being called Ned Abel Smith wasn’t… well… rock ‘n’ roll enough. Ned used to be something of a figurehead on the London party scene but has settled down at least a little bit and now works for his uncle’s firm as head of marketing. It’s worth mentioning, at this juncture, that Ned’s uncle is none other than Virgin boss Richard Branson and that Ned works for Virgin Galactic. His full job title is Head of Marketing Promotion and Astronaut Experience, according to The Telegraph.

Kate and Ned tied the knot in a New York barn, with only a few guests present. When they met, on Branson’s Necker island, a house fire burned one of his properties to the ground. Luckily, no such fate befell their wedding, which seemed to pass without incident. Probably because they didn’t bother inviting anyone.