In the latest tradition of celebrity weddings, the ceremony between Kate Winslet and her now husband Ned Rocknroll was very secret - so secret, in fact, that their parents didn't even know about it. The nuptials took place earlier on in December and they had been engaged since the summer. 

As the Sun reports, Rocknroll's father didn't even know about it, saying "Nothing would surprise me with those two." Though Winslet's father certainly was surprised, and when asked said: "What are you going on about?" Though neither of their parents attended, the couple were accompanied by Winslet's two children, Mia and Joe, and a small number of their closest friends at the 'romantic and private ceremony' in New York.

Ned Rocknroll (yes, that is his legal name - though he was born 'Abel Smith') is the newphew of Richard Branson and currently works for Virgin Galactic, the part of Branson's Virgin empire that is concerned with space travel, JustJared claims. He's Winslet's third husband, having been married to for three years to Jim Threapleton and later to Bond director Sam Mendes, for around 6 years. 

Despite being a small affair, that didn't stop there being A-Class celebs attending, and Leonardo Dicaprio was there to give Winslet away, they have remained close friends since working on Titanic together in 1997. Congrats Kate! Let's hope the third time really is a charm.