The story of Ned RocknRoll's pictures is over just as soon as it started. The Sun wanted to print them, but he and his new wife Kate Winslet were favoured in court today meaning they can't be published. 

Mr RocknRoll and Ms Winslet said later in a joint written statement: "We have stopped The Sun from publishing semi-naked photos of Ned taken by a friend at a private 21st birthday party a few years ago. The photos are innocent but embarrassing and there is no reason to splash them across a newspaper."

David Sherborne, for Mr RocknRoll, said: "The photographs were taken by a private individual. They were not intended to be seen by the world at large."

He insisted Mr RocknRoll was not a public figure and did not court publicity. "It is simply because he is married to Miss Winslet," added Mr Sherborne. "I am sure he would not mind if I described him as a relative nobody up until the point he married Miss Winslet."

But Desmond Browne QC, for News Group Newspapers, which publishes The Sun, said: "We say he is a public figure. Mr RocknRoll has propelled himself into the position of public figure." Mr Browne added: "He tries to pretend his lifestyle is not rock and roll at all. That does not hold water."