One of the perks of being awarded a CBE, apart from it being high up on the list of prestigious accolades, is that you get to bump shoulders with royalty, and they don't get more royal than the Queen. 

"It was such an honour to meet the Queen, it was my first time," said Winslet on meeing the Queen Mum, E! reports. "She told me that she was delighted to be presenting me with my award and then asked whether I liked my job. I told her that I loved it but I love being a mum even more," added Kate, the star of Titanic, which was the biggest grossing film for, well ages. "The Queen said 'Yes, that's the only job which matters.' What a genuinely lovely thing to say! And I couldn't agree with her more." The Reading-born actress said the ceremony and honour were not comparable to the "terrifying spectacle" of events like the Oscars.

"It is a completely different kind of honour," she added. "The sense of gravity is enormous and you very much feel you are being acknowledged by the whole country in a way. There is something incomparably overwhelming about that," The Telegraph quoted her as saying. 

Winslet won the Best Actress Oscar for her role in The Reader in 2009, the sixth time she had been nominated.