Soon after The Sun contacted Kate Winslet's new husband about some pictures taken back in 2010, Ned RocknRoll's legal team instigated an injection on the snaps. No one knows what the pictures contain, but considering he's trying to hide them, we can assume they're not of him saving puppies from a well.

Winslet gave the following statement on the matter:

"The Sun has reported that we are attempting to prevent publication of photos of Ned, taken in 2010 before we met. We do not accept their justification for the publication of these private pictures which are of no public interest. We are doing what we can to protect our privacy and, even more importantly, to protect our young family from distress and unwarranted intrusion."

According to the British red-top, Barrister David Sherbourne told the High Court the photos were "innocent but naive". He added: "We're not trying to hide a guilty secret."

Kate will be hoping to get this wrapped up so she can concentrate on her extravagant wedding present: a trip to space from Sir Richard Branson. The generous gift will see the Oscar-winning star and her new husband sky-rocket 60 miles above the Earth during a two-hour flight, as part of the eagerly-anticipated Virgin Galactic tour, set to launch next year.