Getting married in secret is one thing, but phoning up on Skype to let your loved ones know? Well that's a different story. But that's what happened with Kate Winslet and Ned Rocknroll, who wedded undercover in December. 

"Ned rang them on Skype late that night and said,  'Would you like to speak to my wife?'" and pulled a beaming, giggling Kate into the shot," a source revealed to The Sun. "It was very sweet and they're happy," the source continued. It seems as though sources are coming from everywhere to give the details on the wedding, and, according to a further Sun source, they exchanged platinum and diamond-encrusted wedding bands at the ceremony. "They had them specially made to order when they were in Hong Kong," the source says of Winslet, 37, and Rocknroll, 34. "Ned says a baby is definitely the plan for them next -- and they've had a lot of fun practicing."

According to The Daily Mail, the wedding had been on their minds for months, and wasn't a rushed decision. After keeping their summer engagement a secret, they decided to do the same for the wedding. "Marriage has always been on the cards and they've been talking about doing it for the past couple of months," an insider said. "It wasn't a spur-of-the-moment thing, but they wanted to keep it secret."