The Titanic star has famously embraced her curves throughout her career, but she admits it was something she had to learn on her own as she was only exposed to "damaging" comments about women's bodies as a child, reports

During a thrill-seeking trip with adventurer Bear Grylls on his U.S. series Running Wild With Bear Grylls, she explains, "When I grew up, I never heard positive reinforcement about body image from any female in my life. I only heard negatives. That's very damaging, because then you're programmed as a young woman to immediately scrutinise yourself and how you look."

Winslet's childhood experiences have made the actress more conscious of how her daughter, Mia, views her own body and she actively encourages the 14 year old to admire her own figure.

She says, "I stand in front of the mirror and say to Mia, 'We are so lucky we have a shape. We're so lucky we're curvy. We're so lucky we've got good bums.' And she'll say, 'Mummy, I know, thank God.'"

Winslet's Running Wild With Bear Grylls episode airs in the U.S. on Monday night (27Jul15).