British actress Kate Winslet is expecting her third baby, but it will be the first for her and new husband, Ned Rocknroll, nephew of Sir Richard Branson. Her publicist confirmed the news.

"I can confirm Kate Winslet is pregnant and she and Ned Rocknroll are thrilled," said the publicist. "The baby is due at the end of the year." Winslet – star of Titanic – already has two children from two marriages. Mia, 12, with her ex-husband, director Jim Threapleton, and Joe, 9, with Skyfall director Sam Mendes. Kate married Ned – a man who changed his name by deed poll from Abel Smith in 2008 to Rocknroll – late last year in December. Branson, now a lawful family member of Kate’s, bought the pair a trip to space in one of his Virgin Galactic flight plans as a wedding present. Considering they were only married 7 months ago, this pregnancy might seem soon, especially considering they only met in 2011. The couple were first spotted together in September of last year and got engaged this summer.

Kate WinsletKate Winslet poses for the paps at the Titanic 3D world premiere

It wasn’t long before their first controversy though, and considering Rocknroll’s a quirky kinda guy – of course he is, with that wacky name – it was centred around him. In January the pair were granted a High Court injunction preventing The Sun newspaper from publishing semi-naked photographs of Rocknroll taken by friends at a 21st birthday party a few years ago. That’s right, a man who changed him name to Ned Rocknroll, got naked at someone’s 21st birthday party, and he was over 30 years of age. Shame.

Kate Winslet and Ned RocknrollKate and Ned - the happy couple, now expecting their first kid together