Kate Winslet gave birth to her and husband Ned Rocknroll's first child together on 7 December, with the couple keeping the details of the birth as closely guarded as they could. As the days have gone on, the pair have divulged more information on the baby, revealing his name this weekend. Those of you hoping for another left-field choice from Tinseltown are in luck, because Winslet and Rocknroll haven't let us down.

Kate Winslet Ned Rocknroll
Kate and Ned are apparently big fans of The Discovery Channel's survival programmes

The couple have decided to name their son Bear, The Sun reported first, with a rep for the actress confirming the out of the ordinary choice. The rep told the paper, "They are all doing so well. They both absolutely adore him - and the name Bear." (The rep also confirmed that the child will take his mother's surname)

Kate and Ned, whose name was Abel Smith before he legally changed it, are currently shacked up in their West Sussex home preparing for Christmas and getting used to the newest addition to the family. The couple were wedded in December 2012 after some months of dating, with their first child being born two weeks ago.

Whilst this is Kate and Ned's first child together, Bear is actually Kate's third child to date. Her 13-year-old daughter Mia was born to her first husband, Jim Threapleton, and her son Joe, 10, is her child with director and former husband Sam Mendes. For Ned, this is his first child, however his marriage with Winslet is not his first, having previously wedded British socialite Eliza Pearson. The pair separated when he and Winslet began seeing each other.

Ned Kate Rocknroll
The couple have been together for over two years

Kate Winslet
Kate remained active even during her pregnancy