Kate Winslet loves red polish on her toenails.

The 'Titanic' actress says she doesn't really get time to pamper her feet but thinks putting on a bright red shade can help them look in better condition than they are.

She said: "There's nothing like red polish on toes. I don't have much time for pedicures, but if I haven't done anything to my feet for months and I look like a Neanderthal woman, a coat of red means you can somehow get away with anything."

As well as brightening up her toes, Kate also has tips for making eyes look better.

She advised: "A great trick I've learnt with mascara is to put it on the back of your hand and York it into the tips of a flat stipple brush. Lift up your eyelid ever so slightly and paint a line on the underside of The Roots, extremely close to The Lashes and then go over the lashes with mascara. It doesn't show as much as a liner, but can really define the eye. It also makes the whites of your eyes look whiter."