The Danny Boyle film has received a slew of top ratings from movie reviewers, but Steve's widow Laurene and new Apple boss Tim Cook are among those who have publicly shunned the project.

Tim recently blasted Hollywood executives as "opportunistic" for adapting Steve's life for the big screen just four years after his death and portraying him in a supposedly unflattering manner.

Steve Jobs screenwriter Aaron Sorkin subsequently hit back, insisting, "Nobody did this movie to get rich", and urging Tim to check out the movie before voicing an opinion.

Now Kate has offered up her thoughts on the controversy and sided with Aaron, revealing the late Apple co-founder's right-hand woman, Joanna, was full of praise for the film.

"People obviously are going to react in very sensitive ways," she told U.S. breakfast show Today, "especially if they have had something very specific to do with Steve's personal life.

"But to be honest, I don't know that those people have seen the film and all I would say is, actually, and this is speaking from Joanna Hoffman herself, who sent me a lovely email when she'd see it. She said, 'It was really lovely to see the real Steve.' She's talking about the softer side of him that she got to experience as a friend and the stiller sides of him that I do think the film really does reveal in ways that perhaps they haven't been seen before. He's very much a man and a father in this story, as well as the perfectionist that he was.

"I'm very proud of the film, I have to say. I think it's a very, very honest portrayal of who he really was as a man."

Joanna isn't the only one of Steve's confidantes to give the movie the thumbs up - Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak also recently applauded the director and lead actor Michael Fassbender for capturing the tech genius' spirit onscreen.

"In some prior movies, I saw (the actors) simulating Steve Jobs, but they didn't really make me feel like I was in his head understanding what was going on inside of him," Wozniak told the BBC. "This movie absolutely accomplishes that, and it's due to great acting, which obviously comes from great directing.... When you see it portrayed dramatically, not the way it really happened, but in a way that is emotionally graphic, it really conveys what Steve Jobs was really like inside... and what it was like to be around him."

Ashton Kutcher previously tackled the same role in 2013 biopic Jobs.