Kate Winslet is lending her support to a British theatre troupe comprised of homeless people by hosting a glitzy fundraising gala in the actors' honour.

The Titanic star is an ambassador for Cardboard Citizens, a drama group which includes members who have been living on the streets of the U.K.

The actress helped generate $320,000 (£200,000) at her first two Cardboard Citizens fundraisers, which provided money to move the company into a new space, and she now hopes to pull in even more for the charity at a gala later this year (13).

Winslet says, "My first experience of Cardboard Citizens in action was on a visit to Holloway Prison (in London). The company presented three short plays, and the actors all had personal experience of homelessness... As an actor, you often wonder what impact your performance has on the audience. That evening, I saw very clearly how theatre can engage people and provoke them to reflect on their lives, present and future.

"Right now, I'm working with them on our third fundraising dinner, and really hoping that this one will be the best yet. I am excited about Cardboard Citizens' future and want to make sure they are around for years to come."