Kate Winslet, an actress known for her humility and modesty surrounding her highly successful career, has been awarded a CBE by the Queen of England for her achievements and services to the world of acting.

The Oscar winner has been the star of many of the greatest films within the last 30 years including 'Titanic', 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind' and 'The Reader' and yet she remains humble, even insisting to the Queen that being a mother to her 12 year old daughter Mia and her 8 year old son Joe is her most cherished achievement. When the monarch, who has four children herself, asked Kate if she enjoyed being an actress, the star replied: 'Yes, I like it but not as much as being a mother' - and the Queen agreed, insisting, 'It's the best job'. 

Despite her 'normal mum' persona, she certainly looked like a star in an Alexander McQueen outfit teamed with an unusual but high-class hat by Natalie Ellner. Kate also insisted to The Telegraph that, in spite of winning the most prestigious award in the movie industry, being honoured with a CBE is on another level. 'It is a completely different kind of honour', she insisted. 'The sense of gravity is enormous and you very much feel you are being acknowledged by the whole country in a way.'