Kate Moss loves having tan lines on her bottom.

The 39-year-old supermodel prefers having a ''white bum'' because her husband, The Kills guitarist Jamie Hince, is turned on by it, although she is more careful to even out her tan on her chest.

She told Allure magazine: ''I don't mind a bikini bottom. My husband likes lines on the bum - men like white bums, like a frame. I don't do it on the boobs, though - I try not to have a white boob.''

Although Kate has landed deals worth millions for major campaigns she wasn't always as confident as she is now and considered having breast enlargements.

She added: ''I didn't like my flat chest. I was like, 'Oh, I'm going to have a t*t job.' Can you imagine?

''I used to be so scared about 'Oh, I don't want to show my body.' Now that I've shown it, it doesn't bug me about my moles, or 'This isn't big enough' and 'That's not smooth enough.' ''

Kate, 39, is glad she is recognised for being more than her modelling work but is modest about her fame.

She added: ''Everyone's a celebrity. But I'm kind of a celebrity now, so even though I'm not an actress, people know my name. I'm not just a face.''