Kate Moss loves giving people manicures.

The British beauty's 10-year-old daughter Lila Grace has encouraged her to experiment with bright nail varnish and she loves trying out her manicure skills on her friends and family in her free time.

She told the French edition of ELLE magazine: ''Thanks to my daughter, Lila Grace, who loves bright colours, I've been experimenting with fluorescent nail varnishes in pink, green or orange. I like those colours for summer.

''During the holidays, I'm head manicurist, I love doing my friends' nails and my kid's.''

The supermodel might be famed for her effortless rock 'n' roll style and blonde locks, but she insists women shouldn't underestimate the power of well-tended talons to transform a look.

Kate added: ''Nails have become very important in terms of personal style, they've become just as essential as make-up or hair. Because of that, I revamp mine a few times a week.

''I never wear the same colour on my lips as I do on my nails. Nail polish is chosen like an accessory and should always be a different shade to your outfit or your make-up.''

The 39-year-old star also shared her top tips for healthy nails, which she does by squeezing as many vitamins into her diet as possible.

Kate said: ''You should put oil on your cuticles as often as possible, eat a balanced diet and drink tonnes of fruit juice to get lots of vitamins.

''I don't have a favourite recipe, but I do have a weakness for green smoothies.''