Kate Moss is an ''embarrassing'' mother, according to her daughter.

She may be one of the world's most famous and wealthy supermodels, but to her 12-year-old daughter Lila Grace the blonde beauty is just another ''annoying'' parent whose only aim is to leave her red-faced in front of her friends.

When asked during an Ask.fm Q&A online whether she considered her 41-year-old mother her idol, she replied: ''No, like every mum she's embarrasing and annoying but u love them rlly (sic)''

Lila's confession follows Kate's recent embarrassing tantrum on an easyJet flight from Bodrum, Turkey, to London's Luton Airport

on which she is alleged to have called the pilot a ''basic bitch'' and was escorted off the plane after becoming ''disruptive''.

After observing her mother's modelling career and lifestyle for years, Lila - Kate's only child from her relationship with ex Jefferson Hack - has decided she has no interest in ever walking down the catwalk but would be interested in working in fashion behind the scenes.

When asked what she wanted to be when she was older, Lila wrote: ''Mayb a fashion designer. But defo not a model (sic)''

Lila went on to confess that she had considered 'Wrecking Ball' hitmaker Miley Cyrus her idol for a long time, but hinted she had been put off the singer due to her recent antics, which have included posing topless and growing out her underarm hair.

Lila explained: ''Wanted to b her before she became ... She was my EVEYTHING for like 5 years and then..(sad face emoticon) (sic)''