Kate Moss hates being regarded as a ''bad influence''.

The supermodel is famed for her hard-partying ways but was furious when her friend Nick Grimshaw let slip she had advised him it was OK to do his show on BBC Radio 1 with a hangover because she was worried what her advice would make people think of her.

Nick admitted: ''She was so outraged when I told a newspaper that. She was like, 'Why did you say that? Now everyone thinks I'm a bad influence.'

''Anyway, what she really meant was, 'Be honest, be real', because you can tell if people are lying on radio. It wasn't 'go out and get wasted every night.' ''

Though Nick enjoys working on the breakfast show, he worries having such early starts means he could miss out on meeting the love of his life.

The presenter - who is openly homosexual - told Glamour magazine: ''I had a date recently and the guy didn't ring until 9:30pm. He was like, 'Hi shall we go out to dinner?' And I was like, 'I'm on the radio at 6am!' So that never happened. Could have been the love of my life...''