Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell have designed shoes for charity.

The supermodels - as well as a host of other top celebrities - have collaborated with sporting brand Adidas to make over some of their signature trainers for a new exhibition which will benefit gay and lesbian charity, Stonewall.

Other high profile names who have contributed to the cause are pop star Kylie Minogue, Sir Elton John, Boy George and celebrity stylist William Baker, who has reworked Adidas' iconic Stan Smith trainers.

The special one-off shoes will be auctioned online through p6auction.com, and will then go on display at London's Bargehouse later this month in collaboration with non-profit art company Platform Six.

Platform Six founder James Tailor said: ''There is so much more to LGB artists than simply their sexuality, but that is what many exhibitions seem to focus on. A lot of the work itself is highly sexualised and falls into a now well-known stereotype.

''The exhibition takes LGB art out of the context of sex. While some of the works displayed may contain nudity, the work itself deals with themes such as non-conformity, identity and vulnerability.''

Kate and Naomi's shoes will be exhibited at the Bargehouse in London between September 7 and 14.