Alright, she didn't pay $12k for Kate Middleton's nose, rather she coughed up the dosh to make her nose look like The Duchess of Cambridge's royal schnoz, ABC reports. 

"Every time she smiled I was like 'Wow! I want my nose to be like that,'" the 21-year-old Jessica Blaier told "Good Morning America" in an interview that aired on the show today.  She paid the plastic surgeon $12,000 to have a plastic surgeon change her nose to look like Middleton's. "I try to get in every picture I can," she said. "Her nose is what I modeled with and that's what I got. It was definitely a process, but it was so worth it." And if you're thinking she's weird, well, she is. But she's not quite as weird as you think, as, according to One British cosmetic surgery company, Kate's is the most requested nose in the business. 

Dr. Thomas Romo III, director of facial plastic surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan and the man who performed the surgery on young Miss Blaier, speaks highly of Kate's nose, saying "It's strong. It's a woman's nose. It's not infantile. It's not overdone," and adding, "I don't think Kate has a nose job. I think she was just blessed with good genes."