No one could have anticipated the aftermath of prank calling Kate Middleton's hospital while she was being treated for morning sickness. But as the tragic circumstances of Jacintha Saldanha's suicide slowly come to light, the family, including her two children and husband, are having to come to terms with her loss. Her husband, Mr Barboza, wrote a statement that was spoken at a memorial service held for her today, the BBC reports.

Father Tom Finnegan lead the service at a church in Filton, and read Mr Barboza's statement. "The house is empty without you. You only wanted the best for us, the best education the best life," it said. Ms Saldhana, had been the "light in the dark since [Mr Barboza and she] met" and that "it feels like a part of [him] has been ripped away".

This service was the second of three official memorials, the first taking place this morning (14th Dec.) at the hospital where she worked in London. The third will be held tomorrow at Westminster Cathedral, also in London. 

The inquest, held yesterday and adjourned until March 26th 2013, revealed that Ms Saldanha hanged herself and cut her wrists, and that she left notes that reportedly referred to the stresses that lead to her taking her own life.