Sir John Major has applauded the efforts of the UK tabloid press for refusing to publish the sneakily snapped topless photos of Kate Middleton whilst she and Prince William were on holiday in the South of France.
The former Prime Minister, whose own government was dogged by numerous claims of tabloid foul play, condemned the actions of the paparazzi who took the 'peeping tom' style photos of the Duchess whilst he was on the BBC's The Ander Marr Show and said that whoever took them "should be prosecuted." He went on to praise the efforts of the British press for showing restraint and decency in not publishing the photographs, which were taken using ultra telescopic lenses from quite a distance from the supposedly secretive French chateau where the two were enjoying a short break.
The one time Conservative Party leader also stood by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's decision to seek legal action against the magazines who published the photos, the French magazine Closer and the Italian Chi, both of which are owned by former Italian Prime Minister SYLVIO BERLUSCONI. He said, "The way (these photographs) have been obtained is tasteless. It is the action of a peeping tom. In our country we prosecute peeping Toms. That's exactly what they have done and they have been peeping with long lenses from a long way away. They're very distasteful."