In the wake of the tragic death of Jacintha Saldanha, there was a frantic search for a place to lay blame. As the BBC now reports, the two Australian DJs who made a prank call to Kate Middleton's hospital- where Ms. Saldanha picked up the phone- are 'unlikely to be prosecuted'. 

Speaking to the BBC, Sydney's Deputy Police Commissioner, Nick Kaldas said that he thought it unlikely that they would be prosecuted because UK authorities hadn't asked them for any formal interviews or for more information. 

Nurse Saldanha killed herself three days after the pair made a prank call to her, pretending to be the Queen and Prince Philip, which - once broadcast - sparked international interest. According to the company that own the radio station, 2Day, they didn't break any laws, however the station is under investigation from Australian Communications and Media Authority, which serves a similar purpose to Ofcom, and their broadcasting a private conversation could see them end up in court.

Despite Mr Kaldas' opinion, the prosecutors are yet to make a decision as to whether to pursue charges against the radio show hosts. In circumstances such as this, however, placing blame is a very tricky topic and it's unlikely that there will be any particular door to lay it.