Kate Middleton still hasn't given birth yet, but when she does finally give birth to the future King or Queen of the United Kingdom, she and William will be more than ready. At least that's what their very own pregnancy guru, Christine Hill, says about the two after sitting with them on two separate sessions - Hill revealed during an interview with the UK's The Telegraph newspaper, published Friday (19 July).

Kate Middleton
Kate is due any minute now

The pregnancy expert, who authored two successful pregnancy guides and has parted wisdom with some of the UK's most famous mothers-in-waiting as well as discussing her techniques with the most famous mother-in-waiting in the UK today too, said that during her time with the royals she felt as though the Duke and Duchess would be model parents.

"[They're] a very strong team," she told the paper, adding, "Prince William will be doing the right stuff on the day."

Kate Middleton Prince William
We're sure they'll be great parents too

Whilst Kate is currently caught up in hospital, a week over due in a London currently facing it's most severe heatwave in years, Hill went on to say that if anyone can handle the strain it's the "delightful" Kate. She also went on to part some of her own advice to any other future mothers, says "[After birth, a woman should] put a line through your calendar. Accept that this is going to change your life, that you will stay in a nightdress for a week.”

Kate and William were seen abruptly leaving their Bucklebury residency and flanked by police escorts and heading to London on Friday (July 19) and since then the whole world has been waiting on any potential baby news. We'll keep you posted on any developments as they happen.

Kate Middleton1
If she isn't as good as Hill says, there's always the nanny