Kate Middleton can't help but do things that make us mere peons feel more in awe at her every deed, and as if attending a charity function yesterday wasn't good enough, the fact that she recycled an old outfit for the occasion has done nothing but endear the royal to us even more. Kate and Prince William were at London’s King’s Cross to attend a function put on by Only Connect, a charity organisation that tries to help ex-offenders from returning to a life of crime.

Kate and Wills
Kate and Wills as they arrived at King's Cross

Whilst there the royals spoke with the organisers behind the charity, and to some of the volunteers who work without pay for the charity, but it wasn't what they did or said that has gathered wider attention, but the clothes that Kate wore.

The 31-year-old rocked a brown Orla Kiely buttoned-down dress with bird-print, the same outfit she wore to a previous engagement at The Art Room in Oxford in February 2012. The royal, who also wore brown tights and brown ankle boots, is a big fan of the Irish designer and, according to The Daily Star, even got the dress at a discounted price by buying it in the 2012 January sales. OMG! SHE'S JUST LIKE US!

Kate Middleton
Kate was enthusiastic as she met with the charity workers

On a more serious and newsworthy note, Kate and Wills pledged their time to the ex-offenders charity, which has genuinely made a positive impact in the lives of some under-advantaged and at-risk people in the past. The couple met with staff and volunteers in London, who work with up to 10,000 prisoners, ex-offenders and disadvantaged young people who pose a possible threat to becoming offenders themselves.

The charity has a special connection with Wills in particular, as it is run by Lady Jane Fellowes, his auntie and the older sister of his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales. Lady Fellowes recently described the charity's work as “inspiring and life-changing.”

Kate Middleton dress
According to some reports, she even respires and consumes food and water....