After the Kate Middleton topless photos were leaked and published by the French version of Closer magazine, the royal pair were "saddened" with what looks like another privacy issue for the monarchy to deal with, reports The Independent.
The couple were staying in Provence at a chateau - owned by Lord Linley, the Queen's nephew - before they embarked on their Diamond Jubilee tour of Southeast Asia and the South Pacific on behalf of the Queen. The Royal couple had already visited a mosque on their tour of Malaysia, but instead of the press being focussed on their ground-breaking exploits, further nude scandals have taken precedent. "They're saddened their privacy has been breached - if it has been breached" a source explained. "We will talk to our lawyers in London and counterparts in Paris to see what options are available. We're not aware of anyone (in the UK) seeking to publish so the Press Complaints Commission is not coming into it." This morning, on the French version of Closer's website, a heavily pixelated image of the Duchess about to take her bikini off was published, and the subsequent photo's aren't pixelated, with the bikini nowhere to be seen.
This, of course, isn't the first time a nude Royal has embarrassed the Monarchy. We all know about Prince Harry's infamous Las Vegas exploits, but this latest episode raises further questions about privacy.