Kate Middleton is pregnant - you knew that right? So we don't have to recap for those tunnelling beneath the earth or up in space. She's pregnant. The Duchess of Cambridge cancelled her forthcoming planned royal appearances while she remains hospitalized and works to recover from her acute morning sickness.

"The duchess will not be attending the public engagements this week, as she will be in hospital for a few days and will then need to rest," a rep for Buckingham Palace told E! News. She had three upcoming royal appearances planned, on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, but considering her recent news, it's time to focus on the next batch of Royal blood. William's immediate schedule remains unchanged, as the palace rep. reiterated that he will "continue the current tour of duty with the Search and Rescue Force" through next summer.

The Duke and Duchess were forced to go public with the news much earlier than intended after the 30-year-old Duchess was admitted to hospital with a rare form of severe morning sickness. Royal aides said the decision to go public "was very much driven by the Duke and Duchess", who were aware that it would be impossible to keep the news a secret in the modern age of social media. "It's very hard thing to go public at such an early stage, but they wanted to be open with people as much as possible," said an aide, according to The Telegraph.