While the notion of prank calling a hospital to inquire about the wellbeing of an ill pregnant woman might seem repugnant and ill-considered to many, the tragic news that followed - the suspected suicide of Jacintha Saldanha - was something no one considered. And indeed, no one considers it to be the fault of Mel Greig or Michael Christian, the radio DJ's who instigated the prank. 

"I have thought about this a million times in my head, that I just wanted to reach out to (Saldanha's family) and just give them a big hug and say sorry," Greig told Australia's Nine News on Monday. "The thought we may have played a part in (Saldhana's death) is gut-wrenching." Christian went on to that he was "shattered, heartbroken" and that "The joke 100% was on us. The idea was never, 'Let's call up and get through to Kate,' or 'Let's speak to a nurse.' The joke was our accents are horrible, they don't sound anything like who they're intended to be."

The British press took the news as an opportunity to scapegoat the radio DJ's, as they so often do when Royal affairs are at hand. But, even though the prank may have been a bad idea, regardless of the sad and as of yet fully explained outcome, it would seem unfair to blame them fully for the death of another human being.