Kate Middleton has the Queen's seal of approval, according to The Mirror. In a story published online today, the newspaper tells how one courtier has told them how happy the Queen was during last year's Royal Wedding: "she was practically skipping. Seeing her family full of joy but also seeing the public support and excitement touched her greatly." The marriage between Prince William and Kate Middleton has drawn many comparisons to that of William's mother, Princess Diana and his father, Prince Charles; a marriage that ended in tragedy with divorce in 1996 and Diana's death in 1997.
However, The Queen appears to have embraced the addition of Kate Middleton to the Royal Family, despite the fact that she had little experience of royal life, prior to the marriage. "She was very supportive of William and Kate leading up to the wedding" said the courtier "and nothing could have reaffirmed more that they have the potential to achieve great things for the monarchy. The whole of Britain seemed to have turned up to wish them well."
The Duchess of Cambridge's willingness to learn appears to have kept her on the right side of the Queen. A source told the newspaper "She is humble and keen to learn and the Queen likes that. She has grown very fond of her and recognizes the impact she is having on the public." And the Queen appears to have made an effort to get to know Kate's parents, inviting them to Ascot as her guests last year.