The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are parents at last! Yes it's been a long week for everyone (Kate Middleton more than others of course), but after being over-due for a number of days and spending an arduous, almost day-long struggle in labour, Kate and William are parents at last.

Kate Middleton Prince William
Congratulations to the new parents

The official word from the palace is that Kate has indeed given birth to a healthy boy, with the child arriving at 4.24 pm GMT and weighing 8lb 6oz. A statement form the palace states that the Duchess and her child are "doing well" and will be staying in hospital overnight before returning to the royal residence.

This means that the next three monarch of the United Kingdom will all be male, with Prince Charles - William's father - the next in line for the throne, followed by William and then the little one. Had the Duchess given birth to a girl, she would have automatically ascended to the throne anyway after Queen Elizabeth II's 2011 altercation to Commonwealth law spelt a change to succession laws in order to make them more equal. The new rules imposed by the reigning monarch and approved of unanimously by 16 Commonwealth nations reversed 300 years of tradition, custom and law, and means that the first born of any future monarch will automatically become the first in line for the throne, regardless of gender. The new legislation also repelled the law that no future monarch could marry a Catholic, a rule that was as archaic as the males first rule.

Kate Middleton
No word on a name yet

On a less serious note than succession, betting outlets across the globe are betting George as a possible name for the child, with James or Henry as possible alternatives. In terms of where this would sit with future monarchs, it would be George VII, James III or Henry IX. Strangely enough names like, Blue Ivy and North are nowhere to be seen on the bookmaker's assumptions (with the Windsor surname, Castle would make a good novelty name, if Kate and Wills are willing to take that route).

Catherine and William arrived by car, flanked by police escorts, at St Mary's Hospital in Paddington, London, at around 6 am GMT on Friday (July 19) and it was reported on Monday (July 22) that Kate had gone into labour. The couple had kept the sex of their child a secret until the big day and we're sure they're just as happy with the outcome as we are.

Congratulations to Catherine and William and their new child, and to the future King of the United Kingdom. We look forward to watching you grow up!

Catherine Middleton
Kate gave birth this afternoon