Kate Middleton's pregnancy won't be the glowing affair it would be for most mums, but then again, a lot of mums face the prospect of having a baby on a low income with dwindling benefits. Still, the royal couple have some decisions to make.

Firstly, with Prince William being in the army, and we all know he won't be treated differently because of his royal status, next summer will need to be planned in advance to ensure his fatherhood starts smoothly. A royal source said: "When the Duke finishes his current tour of duty next summer, he will have three options," according to The Telegraph. "He could sign on for another RAF tour of duty lasting between two and three years, he could transfer to another branch of the armed forces, or he could leave active service to concentrate on his duties as a working member of the Royal family." Oh hang on, no we were wrong, of course he'll get special treatment. 

Another consideration would be their living arrangements. It has been suggested that Berkshire would their starting point, as it will mean the couple are close to the Duchess's family in Bucklebury, near Reading, with the Prince of Wales's home at Highgrove and the Queen's weekend residence at Windsor Castle are accessible. A royal source said: "The Duke has made it clear ever since the couple got engaged in 2010 that he wanted the Duchess to have every possible support, and that the Middletons would not be airbrushed out of the picture."