Kate Middleton is having a baby! You probably already knew that, but as time goes by, that fabled date draws all the more closer and with the emergence of some new photos of the Duchess that time looks to be drawing all the more nearer.

Kate hasn't done a Demi Moore-esque photo shoot or anything (we can only dream) and stripped off so the world can see her bump in the flesh, but instead she was snapped wrapped up warm in a chic gray tartan Zara cape whilst en route to a London footwear boutique, with the photos showing up on E! News last night (Feb 2). The sideways shot clearly shows the beginnings of a fully-fledged baby bump on it's way, as Kate went on to fulfil one of her major duties of late: shopping.

Last week, the Duchess of Cambridge was spotted eyeing up maternity wear on London's King's Road and shortly after was seen in Selfridges buying a new work-out wardrobe. Clearly Kate is back to her fit old self after her morning sickness scare, and if she's eyeing up exercise wear then she must not be feeling too run down.