Kate Middleton just can't seem to catch a break from eagle eyed paparazzi lately, with the topless photos of her sunning in France still doing the rounds, now a Danish publication named Se og Hor has published even more revealing photos of the Duchess of Cornwall.

The Scandinavian magazine has published images of the Duchess having her back and bottom smothered with lotion by Prince William, and were taken during the same tanning session that the grainy topless photos were shot in. Whilst the French magazine Closer has been approached by the royal legal team regarding the publishing of the images, this clearly didn't stop the Danish publishers who were eager to make the photos available for all who wanted to see. The editor of the mag. Kim Henningsen told the Belfast Telegraph without compunction that the magazine is "a leading gossip magazine in Denmark, and it is my [Kim's] job to publish them,"

The royal legal team representing Will and Kate obtained an injunction against Closer for breach of privacy following a case that took place 1- days ago. Following the court's decision, the magazine was ordered to pull the topless photos from their archives and hand over any and all digital copies. A French court has also launched a criminal probe into whether the tabloid and the photographer should face prosecution for breach of privacy and possible more severe sentencing. As well as Closer and now Se og Hor, the editor for the Irish Daily Star was suspended for giving the go-ahead for his paper to publish some of the topless images, whilst an Italian magazine also published similar photos, although no one from the magazine has faced any repercussions as of yet.