The two Australian DJs who made a prank phone call to the hospital that was treating Kate Middleton's morning sickness, after which the nurse who took the call committed suicide, have escaped any charges following a court decision on Friday (Feb 1).

Mel Greig and Michael Christian rang the King Edward VII Hospital in London on December3 last year posing as Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles so they could potentially get the chance to speak to Kate Middleton. Jacintha Saldanha answered the call and unknowingly put the two through to one of her superiors believing the rouse to be real. She was found dead near the hospital a few days later after a suspected suicide.

Since the incident the two DJs have been inundated with threats and have subsequently been fired from their posts on 2Day FM, they have also issued an official, tearful apology and shown remorse for inadvertently causing the mother of two's death and are even said to have sought counselling to cope with the traumatic experience. Their worries were eased slightly when the Crown Prosecution Service ruled in favour of the two, noting that they had only intended it as a harmless prank and were not solely to blame for the aftermath.

Malcolm McHaffie, CPS deputy head of special crime, issued a statement after the ruling stating, "'Having carefully reviewed the evidence currently available, we have concluded that there is no evidence to support a charge of manslaughter," adding, "After considering the case for more than a month, the CPS said its decision took into account that 'it is not possible to extradite individuals from Australia in respect of the potential offences in question; (and) however misguided, the telephone call was intended as a harmless prank."

The bereaved family of Saldanha are believed to be turning to a coronial inquest to have the DJs prosecuted.