The turmoil continues, as another fork in the road has been hit concerning the two Australian DJs who made a prank call to the hospital where the Dutchess of Cambridge was being treated for pregnancy related issues.

For a while, the prank seemed harmless enough and one of the hosts even boasted about the accomplishment. Events soon took a bleak turn, however. The prank call, which supposedly lead to the suicide of nurse Jasintha Saldanha, was taken very seriously by Southern Cross Austereo, the company which owns the DJs’ program, 2Day FM. All advertising was pulled from the show, company policies regarding prank calls were completely revised and Mel Grieg and Michael Christian – the hosts in question – were suspended and had to apologize for their actions on national television.

Now it seems that the consequences won’t end there. In a turn of events, which many have been anticipating from the very beginning of the scandal, London’s Metropolitan Police have made public their intent to follow up on the matter, by submitting a file to the Crown Prosecution Service. This is being done “to check whether any potential offences may have been commited by making the hoax call”. Clearly, the Metropolitan Police are looking to press charges against Grieg and Christian. However, it has not been made clear whether these will be regarding Saldanha’s death, the invasion of privacy, or the pranks’s effect on the royal family. The Metro police are refusing to comment any further.