When 22.04.2013

Kate Hudson and Riz Ahmed from 'The Reluctant Fundamentalist' discuss the new movie at a New York press junket. They talk about working with director Mira Nair, feelings of India and 9/11 memories.

Asked if they practised yoga this morning like Mira does everyday, Riz admitted, 'I actually did. I woke up and did it; I think that's one of the best habits I've picked up from a film set'. He describes Mira's way of directing as a 'holistic' approach. Talking about India, Kate mentions how her mother has a strong connection to the country. 'My ma's been going to India since the 70s, once or twice a year, and I still haven't been able to get there', she says. 'So it's one of those things I look forward to doing with her at some point.' Riz describes the story as 'a love story', 'a coming-of-age story' and 'a political thriller' while Kate agrees that it brought up feelings about the 9/11 tragedy and focuses on how people grow up and question whether they are 'living authentically'.


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