Kate Hudson is Dannii Minogue's summer style icon.

The Australian star loves the "relaxed" look of the 'Fool's Gold' actress - who gave birth to a baby boy over the weekend - and says the blonde beauty is the ideal poster girl for her Project D fashion line.

She explained: "Kate Hudson is our Project D icon for relaxed boho summer chic.

"She makes me want to run around in a maxi dress on an island, and dream of looking as healthy and relaxed as she seems to be 24/7."

Dannii is also an admirer of 'Horrible Bosses' actress Jennifer Aniston and the newest member of the British royal family, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

She explained: "Jennifer Aniston always has the ultimate glowing summer skin, year round. How does she do it?

"We all want to look as good as Catherine does in a bikini - and if we did, that's all we would wear."

Dannii plans to take inspiration from Kate when she hosts a barbecue this summer.

She told Britain's Glamour magazine: "The 1970s are huge this season, and a 70s-style maxi dress with flip-flops is the perfect combo for outdoor entertaining.

"The flats are ideal for drifting around the garden on a sunny afternoon and you can hitch up your dress while sitting on the lawn to get some sun on your legs."