Kate Beckinsale wasn't the sporty type in school.

The 'Total Recall' star admitted that she wasn't one the pupils who would get picked first when it came to choosing teams in physical education.

She told the July/August issue of Women's Health magazine: ''I wasn't particularly athletic. No one ever thought, 'I must have Kate on my team.'''

Kate spoke about the unexpected, tough-acting reputation she has gained throughout her career on the big screen, despite being the opposite in real life.

She continued: ''It's slightly strange being predominantly known for something that's not necessarily my sensibility.''

Her co-star Colin Farrell recently talked to reporters about the physical demands for the film and the action audiences can expect from Kate and co-star Jessica Biel.

He said: ''She [Biel] has a great fight with Kate. It's actually a really cool fight. I was a bit jealous and had a bit of envy.''

Jessica added: ''It is really cool because it is not a girly fight at all. It is quite a...it's just like two warriors fighting. We are about to get into some really interesting wire work, which is all of our anti-gravity stuff when we are trying the China Fall, which is this amazing transporting system.

''So it will be lots of floating physical stuff, which I have never done before. I don't know if you have ever done it before.''