British actress Kate Beckinsale has been accused of being a diva on the set of new vampire movie Van Helsing and jeopardising a dangerous stunt.

The PEARL HARBOR star reportedly refused to perform a stunt with co-star Hugh Jackman at the last minute - insisting they were not in her contract.

An on-set source tells British newspaper THE DAILY STAR SUNDAY, "There was this one scene that cost a lot of money and was quite dangerous for the stuntmen involved.

"Kate was supposed to jump onto a moving carriage but she hesitated, muttering something about it not being in her contract - it ruined the whole take.

"Hugh couldn't believe her attitude. And the stuntmen were left suspended on aerial wires while the director tried to talk Kate round."

Hugh plays a 19th Century vampire hunter and Kate his side-kick in the movie, which is released later this year (04).

21/03/2004 14:20