Actress Kate Beckinsale once hired a scrawny, stripping vicar to disrobe at a friend's 14th birthday party.
The fun-loving Underworld star reveals she came up with the idea after attending teenage birthday parties with singing telegrams and decided it would be a hoot to step the idea up.
Recalling the experience on Wednesday's (25Jul12) Conan show in America, she said, "You used to get this free magazine... that had lots of lists of agencies for those (singing telegrams) and we would order them for our friends' birthdays... I thought, 'Wouldn't it be extra funny if we got a fully stripping one...'
"We called up a stripping vicar... and his name was the Reverend Balls. It was quite cheap, we could afford it... (and) nobody said, 'You sound a bit young for the Reverend Balls, you can't have him.'"
But the fun idea quickly went sour when the good Reverend showed up at the house: "There was only about five of us... it was rather sedate.. and then this middle-aged, quite unattractive, sort of skinny, baldish bloke turned up and said, 'You do want the full strip?'
"As soon as he said that, (it was) not funny at all... It was horrible... I sent my mother off to get a pizza or something and there was nobody there to rescue us. He came in and he took off his collar that vicars have and he suddenly flung everything off and was standing there with everything kind of horribly stuffed into this kind of elephant thong... I hadn't really thought it through.
"He said, 'Meet my friend from the mission!' and went to get the elephant off... but we obviously looked suitably devastated and he didn't... and then he sort of half-heartedly tried to get somebody to slap his bottom and then wouldn't leave because he couldn't find one of his socks. He was there (for) ages. It was very awkward."
And now Beckinsale, who has a 13-year-old daughter of her own, can't forget the experience - because there's a snapshot of the ill-fated party.
She adds, "There's a photograph of it."