Kasabian have taken up playing Backgammon on their tour bus.

The 'Days are Forgotten' group have largely put their hard partying days behind them and have taken up a number of much more civilised pursuits to pass the time as they travel between venues on their current US tour.

Singer Tom Meighan told Q magazine: ''We're pretty civilised these days. [Guitarist] Serge [Pizzorno] fills his time playing backgammon with Ben [Kealey], the keyboardist.

''It's a bit like a Working Men's Club. Perhaps I should take up dominoes.''

However, Tom did admit he keeps a bottle of Sailor Jerry rum with him on the tour bus but said the whole band still panic if they lose the TV remote on the bus.

He added: ''The remote control is the most important thing on the bus. If that gets lost everyone s**ts it. I just watched 'Fargo' this morning - bit of an intense film for that time of day. We've got satellite TV on the bus so we can watch football on the Fox Soccer channel.''