We've nearly reached the halfway point of 2014, and through that period, we’ve certainly had enough music to last an entire year already. Luckily, there’s still a good amount of time to go, and rumored albums from the likes of Adele, Kanye West, and Taylor Swift just barely scratch the surface on what we could possibly see before the year’s end. However, until the day that there’s confirmation of any of those records existing, we have the top five records from 2014 that are definitely worth checking out.

05) Karmin - Pulses

After taking over the airwaves with their 2012 platinum single, ‘Brokenhearted,’ it was near radio silence from pop-duo Karmin when it came to their full-length. Rumored feuds with their label, Epic Records, may have had a part in what delayed the record, but it finally saw a release last march. Pulses is a 13-track jam fest filled with the best qualities Karmin has, with even a couple new ones thrown it. It didn’t perform nearly as well on the charts as it should have, but with a push to the song ‘Night Like This,’ it might just give Karmin another hit.

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