Karlie Kloss doesn't consider modelling to be her job title.

The 21-year-old beauty claims that although she is known for modelling brands such as Dior and Victoria's Secret, she's always considered herself to be more of an athlete than a model.

She said: ''Dance was always my thing growing up, and I think that's why I treat myself more as an athlete than just a model. I love to challenge myself physically and mentally.

''But I'm not a professional athlete, I'm not a professional dancer, I'm not a professional anything. I have never considered modelling an actual job title. I have yet to determine what my job actually is but, yeah, modelling is a fun and funny gig.''

The Victoria's Secret Angel admits she sometimes has to put modelling before her love for sport as she understands she can't allow her body to become too muscular.

She told Into The Gloss: ''Sure, I've had to make choices between my body and my optimal healthy look, starting a career at 15 in an industry where, as a model, my body is a part of my business ... I've had to find a happy point of where I feel best and also can do my job.''

However, Karlie wants her healthy body type to remain a positive influence for young women who look up to her.

She added: ''Maybe it's my background in dance, but I feel most beautiful when I feel strong ... To me, beauty is much more about how you feel than products, and that comes down to what you're putting in your body and how you take care of yourself.''