Karl Lagerfeld knew Claudia Schiffer was special as soon as he met her.

The designer has been friends with the German supermodel for over 20 years and says she has always stood out because as well as being beautiful she also has a great personality.

He said: "Right from the start, Claudia was a personality and not just a model. That is something completely different."

Despite having turned 40, Claudia is still one of the world's most sought-after models and she recently revealed how she will never have plastic surgery.

The mother-of-three said she can't understand why some people decide to go under The Knife as she would be worried about the impact it might have on her health.

She said: "I would never have plastic surgery, as I'd be worried about the long-term effects. Ageing is part of life and I think everyone must accept that looks will change."

So to ensure she looks as naturally good as possible, Claudia tries to eat healthily.

If she has the choice she will always opt for organic food, and tries to have carbohydrates for lunch and stick to proteins, like meat or fish, for dinner.