Karl Lagerfeld often pretends to be a statue.

The 78-year-old fashion mogul was spotted perfectly standing still, posing as a street statue - with people even taking pictures in front of him - by musician Alison Mosshart in Paris.

She told VogueTV: ''One time, I was at Café de Flore in Paris and he was sitting outside on a bench on the Pavement almost like a statue - it was the most amazing thing.

''People kept walking by, sitting down next to him and having their photos taken and then they'd get up and walk away. He didn't say a word.''

As well as spending his time sitting motionless, Karl insists he can now sketch dresses with his eyes closed, after drawing gown collections 15 hours a day in three-week periods when he was an Apprentice at Pierre Balmain from 1955 to 1958.

He explained: ''I'm lucky I can sketch things that the seamstresses can understand, with all the technical details included.

''When I was young, I worked at Balmain and in those days for the private clients and the buyers, you had to copy exactly every dress. So, for three weeks after each collection - 15 hours a day - I was sketching. I can tell you, no young people would accept that today - I did it for three-and-a-half years - but it was the best training. Now, I can sketch dresses with my eyes closed.''